French (120-124)

Section 1

*Hernan Cortes-a landowning conquestador in Cuba, went to Mexico to conquer it
*Tenochtitlan-capital of the Aztec Empire
*Malinche-a young Indian woman, who was Cortes's translator, and knew Mayan, Aztec, and Spanish languages
*alliance-togetherness between two or more groups of people
*Moctezuma-the Aztec Emperor
*Francisco Pizarro-a conquestador interested in Peru's Incan Empire, which was said had more riches than the Aztec
*civil war-battle fought between groups of people in the same nation

QHow did Spanish conquistadors treat the Tainos?
AThey Gave them diseases, to which they were not immune.

QWhat impact did the Aztecs' religious beliefs have on Cortes's approach on Tenochtitlan?
ACortes tried to convert them to Christianity, so the Aztecs kicked them out of the city.

QWhat factors encouraged Spanish success in Peru?
AIt was very rich.

QIn what ways did Native Americans resist Europeans?
AThey preserved their culture, language, religion, and clothing.

Section 4

*Olaudah Equiano-an enslaved African who formed part of an international trade network
*triangular trade-triangle shaped network of trade connectiong Europe, Africa, and the Americas
*Middle Passage-part of the network transfering slaves from Africa to America
*mutinies-revolts by the captives

QHow did triangular trade affect colonial economies?
AIt gave success to the port cities.

QHow did enslaved Africans resist captivity?
AThey killed themselves by starving, hanging, or jumping off and drowning.

QHow did the slave trade affect Africans?
AItmade them suffer, starve, and die.

Section 5

*Columbian Exchange-a global exchange system that started in Columbia
*inflation-a rise in price linked to an increase in available money
*price revolution-period when inflation rapidly rose in Europe
*capitalism-economic system where most businesses are privately owned
*entrepreneur-people who take financial risks for profits
*mercantilism-the belief that a nation's wealth was measured by its amount of gold and silver
*tariff-taxes on imported goods

QWhy did the Global population explode?
AIt grew for the spread of new food crops from the Americas.

QHow did the "putting-out" system work?
AMerchants gave raw wool, cottagers spun it into cloth and sent it to the city for finishing and dyeing, and finally the merchants sold the product for a profit.

QHow did economic changes affect different Europeans?
AThose who invested in overseas ventures acquired wealth, while the nobles whose wealth was in land was hurt.